9th September 2021

20 Ways to Improve Sales

The final in our How to Sell Effectively series, this post gives you 20 ways to improve sales results. Here are some quick fire things to […]
24th August 2021
maintain motivation the goldilocks rule

Maintaining Motivation: The Goldilocks Rule

24th August 2021

How to Sell Effectively – Part 2

Ask – don’t pitch Customers want to know what is in it for them, not hear a generic sales pitch. Asking effective questions turns a pitch […]
2nd August 2021

How to Sell Effectively – Part 1

Having an effective sales system is vital to the growth of your business. How your sales team engage prospective clients, close the deal and deliver your […]
29th June 2021

Mindset: The AQUA Model

The AQUA Model is a helpful mindset to use in conflict resolution. It can be used in any conflict situation – with clients, team members, and […]
3rd June 2021
business plan

7 Tips for an Effective Business Plan

We’ve all had times when the prospect of completing a ‘Business Plan’ fills us with absolute dread and horror. But at Seed Accounting Solutions, we strongly […]
3rd June 2021
rocks pebbles sand

Mindset: Rocks, Pebbles and Sand

This is an excellent mindset to consider when looking at your business planning process, and how you work on a day-to-day basis. (You may have seen […]
24th May 2021

Do you Know Your Financial Terms?

This glossary explains the key financial terms you’ll come across during the running of your business You may not be aware of them all yet, but as your business progresses you'll gain a better understanding of them all.
17th May 2021
backbone and heart

Mindset: Backbone and Heart

This mindset helps us in our conversations with our team, clients, and anyone else that we lead. As always, we love a matrix, so take a […]