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How to close a Limited Company

Closing a limited company involves several key steps: If you would like help closing a Company down or finding out more about the closure methods, please […]

How does the HMRC agent authorisation process work

We request access to your HMRC account so that we have visibility of your account and also so that we can talk with HMRC on your […]

Do I need an accountant if I use Quickbooks or Xero?

A question that often gets asked is whether an accountant is needed if a business owner uses software such as Xero or Quickbooks. Well, the answer […]

How do I leave my accountant?

Leaving your accountant is not an easy decision to make, but sometimes it’s a very important one! The process of leaving your accountant is actually quite […]

Can I claim flights through my business?

Whether you can claim flights through your business depends on a few things. Firstly – are they wholly and exclusively for business purposes? If so, then […]

What is a P60?

A P60 is a crucial document provided by employers to their employees. If you’re working for an employer on 5 April, they are obliged to provide […]

What can I claim for staff entertainment?

One of our frequently asked questions is around staff entertainment – Christmas parties, drinks in the pub, summer social, meals out. We’re going to cover some […]

How do I record donations to charity in my self assessment tax return?

If you have donated to charity in a tax year, you might be able to claim tax relief through your self assessment tax return. In order […]

I have been asked for a SA302 for my mortgage application – how do I get this?

It is common for mortgage brokers or mortgage providers to ask for a SA302 if you are self employed or have to file a self assessment […]

What tax do I need to pay if I sell a property?

There are many things involved with selling a property, and in this FAQ we have tried to summarise the most common situations. Selling your own home […]

Why are there two Corporation Tax Returns in my first year?

There are two corporation tax returns in your first year because a Corporation Tax accounting period cannot be longer than 12 months. This means you will […]

Can I change my Companies House Authentication Code?

When your company is formed, Companies House will send you a letter with your authentication code shortly after. This will be sent to the Registered Office […]


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