Annual Accounts and Tax Returns


At the end of the Financial year, your limited company must provide statutory annual accounts as well as a Company Tax Return, meeting the deadlines of Companies House and HMRC. Seed Accounting Solutions’ Annual Accounts and Tax Return service is designed to take care of this for you.

This service is ideal for limited companies who want peace of mind in delivering statutory accounts and company tax returns accurately, and on time. As a limited company director, you must fulfil certain legal requirements, One of these is to ensure the correct documentation is completed accurately and submitted on time to Companies House and HMRC.


Personal Tax


Fitting in with your needs, we can help prepare and file Self Assessment tax return or provide a more complex solution to steer you smoothly through the taxation environment.

For individuals requiring a Self Assessment tax return to be submitted, we can navigate the Self Assessment process for you. This will provide you with peace of mind, and take one thing off your plate.

For the self employed, Seed Accounting Solutions utilises the best apps to make sure you can focus on running your business. This helps to keep admin to a minimum, whilst helping you stay on top of your tax liability and bookkeeping responsibilities.



Our VAT service will ensure your never miss a deadline, claim what you are entitled to, and ensure your business is kept up to date with the latest legislation. Filing a VAT return in Xero is straightforward, but knowing what VAT can and can’t be claimed is key to ensuring you manage your cashflow and accounts efficiently. Getting on the wrong side of the VAT team is never fun. We will deal with HMRC on your behalf, and should you be subject to a VAT enquiry, our time and fees are also included. 

cgt capital gains tax

Capital Gains Tax


Capital Gains Tax can be a minefield of information. When you make a gain on an asset, you may be liable to Capital Gains Tax. We will deal with your calculations and return quickly and efficiently, and can provide you with tailored advice before submitting the return. We can also advise in advance of the sale or disposal to minimise the tax liability to you as an individual or as a business.

R&D Tax Relief


Some innovative businesses are eligible for R&D Tax relief on their research and development costs. This can range from staffing costs to technology and prototype development. If we think a client is entitled to R&D relief we will put them in touch with our specialist partners who can quickly and efficiently process a claim with out help and input.

R&D tax relief research development

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