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Management Accounts


Rather than a set of accounts just once a year, you receive a fully reconciled set of accounts each month or each quarter, with a report pack containing detailed information about your business’ performance. We can also add in any further reports required (budget analysis, departmental reporting etc). Alongside the report pack, the main value we add is our analysis and commentary on the monthly or quarterly performance, as your external trusted advisers.

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Experience has taught us that to effectively manage a business, you will require a clear 3-year financial budget. This provides direction at the team and at the board level, keeping the whole company focused and in sync on what you aim to achieve.

We can create, manage and update a rolling 12 month 3-way forecast of profit and loss, cashflow and balance sheet. The more accurate the forecast the better. This versatile forecast will be created from your data; combining information from previous circumstances and the business’ current state to provide an accurate forecast of probable outcomes.

By reviewing deviations between forecasted and actual data, we can recommend improvements and help you refine your 3-year budget. Forecasting will equip you with an achievable growth plan that can move with your business’ changes, keeping you informed about your current and future financial performance and position. This will help you to stay reactive and manage your finance and accounting to control budget and cost.

KPI Dashboards


Our KPI dashboards display multiple financial and non-financial business performance indicators. From looking at your short term cash, liquidity, debtor days all the way through to measuring staff metrics, sales metrics and potential growth outcomes. Seed Accounting looks at the company drive and operations to indicate a correct strategy of improvement KPI’s to monitor and increase all round business performance.

Keeping business objectives at the forefront of decision-making realises targets and builds a more productive organisation. Your objectives are communicated throughout internal and possible external departments entwining a collaboration of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) throughout the entity. Our dashboard reporting visualise every turning cog in a clear layout. These dashboards make it easy to show your team their progress and how you’re going to reach your next set of goals.

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scenario planning

Scenario Modelling


Scenario modelling is a process of examining and evaluating possible events that could take place in the future by considering various feasible results or outcomes. Seed Accounting’s financial modelling process is typically used to estimate changes in the value of a business or cash flow, especially when there are potentially favourable and unfavourable events that could impact the company.

Seed Accounting’s Scenario Modelling empowers you to ask ‘What-if’? and get real answers. Need to know if you can afford the next investment in kit or staff? Setting variables and equations creates conceptual and differential avenues that your business can or would like to pursue. We will outline the scenarios in our software to give you the most likely, best, worst case outcomes and a middle case for balance. Compare results and make steps towards security.

Our team will run you through every eventuality you can imagine along with providing detailed dashboards and reports to monitor progress.


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