We aim to Educate, Support and Empower our clients - and we run events for small businesses to help achieve these goals. We run regular webinars, seminars and workshops for both clients and non-clients.

Business Planning Workshop

Starting end of Jan ’22

£275 (inc VAT)

3-week workshop consisting of 3 90-minute online small-group sessions. You’ll come out with a Business Plan on one page, plus a 90-Day Action plan to kickstart the process.


  • Review and set the direction of the business
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Identify common goals amongst a number of directors (if applicable)
  • Identify and prioritise your key goals
  • Create strategies to achieve your goals
  • Identify what you will need to achieve your goals
  • Set timeframes for achieving your goals
  • Develop a tool to communicate your business goals and vision with your team
  • Divide your goals into short term and long term – quick wins vs. key projects
  • Develop a template to review actual performance against targets
  • Create a platform to develop Financial Forecasts
  • Use your Business Plan as a basis for you to set team members’ individual goals / targets

Financial Aware Coaching Course

Starting end of Feb ’22

£600 (inc VAT)

This is a coaching programme run over 6 sessions. Each session will be one hour, and held in small groups, on Zoom.

Benefits of attending this coaching programme:

  • Enables you to better understand your business
  • Iron out any existing errors to ensure accuracy in your financial reports
  • Better manage and monitor your cashflow
  • Customise your reports to ensure you capture the right information
  • Format your reports in a way that makes decision making easier
  • Gain better understanding of the financial implications of decisions
  • Make better informed decisions
  • Access regular independent financial advice
  • Review your reports and record actions to be achieved before the next meeting
  • Be held accountable to achieve progress between meetings
  • Identify any burning issues that need to be addressed
  • Access the collective wisdom of our accountants, systems, products and services
  • Pre-booked phone support to address any burning issues between meetings
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